MASHAL is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 2005 by a group of residents of Faisalabad concerned with the bleak state of education in Pakistan.

About our foundation

Our history

Mashal Foundation is an educational and training network, which tracks and surveys educationally deprived and financially destitute areas. Mashal Foundation believes that by educating the less privileged the problems of dissatisfaction, frustration, child labour and unemployment can be solved, that’s why MF is fighting poverty by equipping poor people with money- earning- skills and helping them establish their own small business enterprises like vendor shops etc. Presently Mashal Foundation is working in Ghiala Village of Faisalabad since last five years providing free education and training.


Mashal Foundation has been providing the students with the uniforms, books, stationary and school shoes, free of cost during the years of its working.Teaching in MF schools is free of cost for needy and poor children's


Mashal Foundation offers any donors to contribute for the sacred mission of eradication of child labour and continuation of free education by donating only Rs.500 per student per month...

Social Entrepreneurship

Mashal Foundation has been presented as a Social Entrepreneurship on the platform of the biggest conference of Pakistan on entrepreneurship held in Islamabad Pakistan.(TiCON Pakistan 2011).


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